Follow the following instructions to update your details
  • Enter your date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy).
  • Use the virtual keyboard to enter the first 7 digits of your account number.
  • Enter your phone number which should match details on records.
  • Check all your information is correct and click on the VERIFY red button
  • Select the personal details you want to update
    Enter your details and upload supporting documents
  • Proceed to take a picture of yourself and another one with your ID by clicking the start camera button.
  • Sign on a white plain sheet of paper and upload your signature and a copy of your ID
  • Review the information submitted and click the SUBMIT button.
  • For enquiries, please call CBG Contact Centre number 0302216000.
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Ghana Card Update

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Kindly use the buttons on the application

  • Account Info
  • Verification
  • Confirmation

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Step 1 - 3

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Step 2 - 3

  • Kindly make sure image is clear
  • Remove mask and/or spectacle
  • Ensure there is good lighting
  • Fit your head inside the box below

Activate Camera


Step 3 - 3

Kindly take a picture for verification
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